Trainers programme

BUS-GoCircular develops a Train the Trainer programme, that addresses application of the Circular Economy interventions in the construction value chain framework and the Circular Construction Skills qualification framework.

“Train the Trainers (TtT)” courses will be organized in 2023, which will be announced here and via the “BUS-GoCircular Newsletter”, Twitter and Linkedin. Interested in becoming a TRAINER? Follow us!

1st Train the Trainers (TtT): Prague, 18-19 January 2023 (click HERE)

Mentoring programme

In addition, BUS-GoCircular arranges a mentoring programme to transfer experience and best practices from experienced professionals to specific groups such as women and young people, as well as less experienced colleagues.

Training Materials

As a result, the “BUS-GoCircular Fundamentals Training Packs” will be designed in order to enable SME’s to train their staff in a simple, attractive, short and low-cost way and make them aware where to search for skilled staff.