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Trainers programme

BUS-GoCircular develops a “Train the Trainers (TtT)” programme, that addresses application of the Circular Economy interventions in the construction value chain framework and the Circular Construction Skills qualification framework. All trainers together form the “BUS-GoCircular learning community” composed of leading training organisations across Europe focused on new skills for circular construction. These trainers will develop a tailored training plan which they will later implement in their own environment.

1st Train the Trainers (TtT): Prague, 18-19 January 2023 (click HERE)

2nd Train the Trainers (TtT): Online, 6, 13 & 20 June 2023 (click HERE)

3rd Train the Trainers (TtT): Online, 31 Oct., 7 & 14 Nov. 2023 (click HERE)

Training Materials

BUS-GoCircular makes use and refers to open available training materials but also creates new ones to upskill professionals in circular construction.

Training material for public procurers: How to procure circular construction skills? (click HERE).

Materials for training of trainers: the following modules are intended as a bank of free training material that can be used and edited by trainers

  1. Introduction to the Circular Economy (PDF click here)
  2. Design and Implementation of Circular Practices (PDF click here)
  3. Bio Based Material Use (PDF click here)
  4. Retrofits, Upgrades, Repair and Maintenance (PDF click here)
  5. Water in Design and Construction (PDF click here)
  6. Energy in Design and Construction (PDF click here)
  7. Digitalisation (PDF click here)
  8. Material Impact Measurement and Reduction (PDF click here)
  9. Waste in Design and Construction (PDF click here)
  10. Deconstruction (PDF click here)
  11. Circular Economy Principles Across the Value Chain (PDF click here)

Download PPT versions of the 11 modules above: click here.


This module aims to provide a brief overview of the European policy framework most related to the built environment, energy efficiency and decarbonization of the EU building stock  in the last decades. The European Green Deal, the European Climate Law, Fit for 55 package, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and  the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the New European Bauhaus will be presented in this module. The module covers the main updates proposed for the on-going revision of the EPBD.

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In this module, we will introduce you to the principles of circular economy in the construction industry: the Circular Key Elements to guide you through the opportunities and challenges of making the built environment sustainable in a circular way, learning from real-life national and European case studies.

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This module describes circular design strategies applied to materials, water, energy and waste that contribute to achieving a higher level of sustainability in building projects.

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In this module, you will learn how to overcome barriers in building materials reuse, by discovering warehouses and markets that sell used materials, and observing inspiring case studies.

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Training Packs

BUS-GoCircular has created the “Training Packs” to enable SME’s to train their staff in a simple, attractive, short and low-cost way (click HERE). In addition to the 7 national packs for the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czechia, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and Ireland, an English Pack has been published for wider use in the EU.







Mentoring programme

BUS-GoCircular arranges a mentoring programme to transfer experience and best practices from experienced professionals to specific groups such as women and young people, as well as less experienced colleagues.

Mentoring Programme Guidance and Plan (click HERE)