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BGC mentoring programme resulted with the “Student project of the year award”

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November 2023 /

As part of the BUS-GoCircular mentoring programme, the Croatian partner UZ-FCE (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering) has included in the projects students working on their master thesis.

One of the students involved in the mentoring programme was Domagoj Tkalčić and his thesis was recommended for the annual “Green building awards”. The annual awards ceremony was held in Zagreb, on July 5, 2023 organized by the Croatian Green Building Council and the Croatian Association of Thermal Facade Systems Manufacturers, and the decisions on the awards were made by an expert committee of 11 members.

The student project of the year was the master thesis of Domagoj Tkalčić from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, entitled “Energy consumption and energy saving potential in a building damaged by an earthquake”. The work investigates the possibility of comprehensive renovation of a building that was damaged in a series of earthquakes, and the goal was to analyze energy consumption before and after comprehensive renovation, which includes structural and energy renovation of the building so that the building is safe, energy efficient and sustainable.

The awards were held as part of the “Green Summer Workshop”, which is a traditional annual gathering of members, partners and stakeholders from the fields of construction, energy, economy, public administration and the academic community. In the introductory part of the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the necessary measures for the decarbonization of the construction sector through the BUILDING LIFE II project, which focuses on the implementation of the Roadmap for the decarbonization of buildings in the Republic of Croatia.