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Green building solutions and their application in designing a nursing home

By 8 de September de 2023No Comments

September 2023 /

INCIEN kickstarted the mentoring programme for Czechia in  collaboration with the Czech Technical University, a consortium partner of BUS-GoCircular. Through this partnership INCIEN gained access to a pool of potential mentors and mentees with a deep interest in the field of circular construction. Students of this university are ideal candidates for participation in the mentoring programme as they are in the process of planning their future career direction during their graduation year. Participation in relevant internship programmes or writing their theses on topics related to skills requirements in the field of circular construction can help future-proof their careers and contribute to the development of the circular economy in the Czech construction industry.

The main aim of this mentoring activity was to get acquainted with green building solutions, their design and effect on the indoor and urban environment. The second objective was to apply the acquired knowledge in the design of a nursing home. This included learning to  work with the simulation software Design Builder and apply the BIM tool in the design of the ventilation system of the building. The programme participants met on a weekly basis, with regular supervision and feedback from the mentor. Each meeting lasted approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

The work of the mentee received positive feedback and has helped her to advance in her career. She was highly satisfied with the mentoring programme and its setup  One of her primary interests is sustainability and the mentoring programme allowed her to connect that with her field of study. INCIEN is currently helping other architecture and construction students to find the most suitable mentors and will repeat the process once the academic year starts.