BUS-GoCircular understands the importance of a green energy workforce within the construction sector. The 30 month-long project was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and started in September 2021.
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The overall aim of BUS-GoCircular is to address and overcome the challenges of the stimulation of demand for green energy skilled workforce, along with hands-on capacity building to increase the number of skilled workforce across the value chain. BUS-GoCircular will achieve this objective by developing and implementing a circular construction skills qualification framework with a focus on multifunctional green roofs, façades and interior elements.

This is worked out in the following five specific qualitative objectives:

— Developing a circular construction skills qualification framework.
— Stimulating market demand for circularity skills.
— Developing recognition schemes and conducting pilot courses.
— Improving the reputation of the construction sector and attracting women and youth to circular skills professions.
— Expanding BUS-GoCircular at national and EU-level by developing and implementing a communication and replication strategy.

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