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Qualification Framework

With our different qualification framework resources we enable you to identify skilled professionals, facilitate upskilling training, and integrate circularity principles into building renovations. Read below what every resource entails.

Training materials

BUS-GoCircular utilized open-access training materials and developed additional materials to enhance the skills of professionals in circular construction. Find the one most useful for you!

Resources for the Public sector

Discover how our resources can empower you to drive demand for essential skills in transitioning to a circular built environment, through policy levers and initiatives.

  • Action Plan to stimulate circular construction skills (click HERE)
  • Training to procure circular construction skills (click HERE)

Zenodo community (click here).

Training material for public procurers (click here PPT) / (click here PDF).

Guide for public authorities (click here).

Action Plan for Public authorities (click here).

BUS-GoCircular article in the Croatian professional magazine KORAK (click here).

Developing a task-based qualification framework for circular skills in construction and its application in training plans (click here).

Mitigating Urban Heat Islands: Albedo Measurements of Construction Products (click here).

Task-Based Qualification Framework for Circular Skills in Construction (click here).

Newsletter 1 (January 2022)
Newsletter 2 (October 2022)
Newsletter 3 (April 2023)
Newsletter 4 (October 2023)
Newsletter 5 (January 2024)
Newsletter 6 (February 2024)
BUS-GoCircular: teaser video
BUS-GoCircular project: outline & scope
13th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting (30/Nov/2021)
Sustainable Places 2022 Conference (Sept./2022)
Enhancing circular construction skills: webinar series (Oct.-Dec./2023)

Webinar #1: Local authorities’ policy toolkit to promote circular construction skills

Webinar #2: Unlocking the potential of SMEs: A holistic framework to train SME-workforce in Circular Construction

Webinar #3: Are architects ready for circular transition? Continuous Professional Development tools for Europe

Webinar #4: New Training Materials and Methodologies for Up-Skilling in Circular Economy in Construction for Training Centres

EAB final meeting (27/March/2024)

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BUS-GoCircular Roll up poster in English: .pdf (click here)

  • BUS-GoCircular Roll up poster in Bulgarian: .pdf (click here).
  • BUS-GoCircular Roll up poster in Croatian: .pdf (click here).
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BUS-GoCircular leaflet in English: .pdf (click here)

BUS-GoCircular leaflet nr2 in English: .pdf (click here).

BUS-GoCircular poster (Czech), Aquatherm trade Fair (Prague, April 2022): .pdf (click here)