University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UZ-FC

UZ-FCE is one of 33 faculties at the University of Zagreb. It was established in 1919 and is today the largest civil engineering faculty in Croatia. The Faculty consists today of nine departments, which provide teaching, scientific, research and vocational knowledge-based activities. UZ-FCE is one of the region’s leading high education and research institution in the field of civil engineering and is well established and recognized among scientific and professional community. Scientific-research work is being carried out within the framework of numerous national and international scientific projects. During the last decade, UZ-FCE coordinated and/or participated in several EU funded projects (e.g. Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, CIP, IEE, FP7; FP6, LIFE, Eureka, COST). Researchers at UZ-FCE have significant results in new material systems and technologies in the field of civil engineering. Good co-operation with the civil engineering industry in various professional and developmental projects has been a long tradition of the UZ-FCE, especially in terms of energy efficiency in buildings where, among other, they developed innovative products (i.e. ECO-SANDWICH®). Experts from UZ-FCE Department for Materials were engaged as trainers and expert contributors to the creation and piloting of a training program for practitioners in construction sector within the European project INTENSE. Additionally, UZ- CE has been coordinating IEE project BUILD UP Skills Croatia (CROSKILLS) defining the National roadmap for a lifelong education of construction workers in the field of energy efficiency, as well as CROSKILLS II project which is developing educational materials for blue collar workers in the field of energy efficiency. UZ-FCE also participated in the project SEEDPass – South East Europe strategic partnership in vocational education and training in Passive House Design for nearly zero energy buildings development.



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Bojan Milovanovic