Institut of Circular Economy, INCIEN

INCIEN (Institute of Circular Economy) is an organisation that has pioneered the theme of CE in the Czech Republic and has been actively pushing this agenda there for more than five years. INCIEN has created a widespread network of relevant organisations working on this topic (for more detail see sections below). It has achieved tangible positive impacts on companies, the capital city and regional level. To name a few, INCIEN has won the annual E.ON Energy Globe Award with the project for producing BioCNG from municipal waste in the city of Brno. Currently number of buses are using BioCNG as fuel in Brno and the initiative has been tested in other cities as well (e.g. Česká Lípa). INCIEN has also initiated a successful Circularity Scan for The City of Prague in collaboration with the Dutch organisation Circle Economy. Other Circular Economy related projects include a research grant on Bioeconomy as well as a project focusing on establishing the Circular Hub in the City of Prague. INCIEN works closely with the private sector and worked on several publications done in cooperation with the industry (e.g. mapping expanded polystyrene with the major producers, analysis of the aluminum flows with the major beer brewery etc.).



Contact persons

Daniela Blažejová

Soňa Jonášová

Pavel Zedníček