Czech Technical University in Prague, CVUT

Czech Technical University (CVUT) in Prague was established in 1707. CVUT educates future experts in technical fields. The university supports scientific work, educates new scientists and is a centre for scientific and educational activities in technical fields. The university develops scientific and educational research, creative and technical activities in accordance with the social requirements, worldwide trends and the principles of freedom of intellectual activities. CVUT group is based on academic staff from Faculty of Civil Engineering – Department of Indoor Environmental and Building Services Systems Engineering. The department provides courses in building services systems for study programmes Buildings and Environment, Building Engineering and Architecture. In pedagogical and research work the department focuses on various professions in building energy systems, the theory of indoor environment, including sanitary systems, heating and air- conditioning, artificial lighting, simulation of building energy performance, electrical installations and intelligent buildings.



Contact persons

Karel Kabele

Pavla Dvořáková

Zuzana Veverková