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“RE10” a new tool that assesses the flexibility and potential disassembly of a building

By 20 de May de 2022May 23rd, 2022No Comments

May 2022 /

The Valencia Institute of Building (IVE), a partner of the BUS-GoCircular project, has created a tool called “RE10”, based on the Spanish standard ISO 20887:2020, which assesses the circularity of a residential building after renovation.

Download "RE10" (in Spanish)

More specifically, “RE10” evaluates the efficient use of natural resources and the building’s capacity for disassembly, flexibility and adaptability, in order to favour its reuse and recycling.

This tool has been developed by the IVE at the request of the Valencia regional government (Generalitat Valenciana, GVA), as it allows verifying whether the building renovation meets the minimum requirements on circularity established to obtain grants from the European “Next Generation” funds.

Therefore, “RE10” can be considered as a policy instrument, which the regional government makes available to professionals in the construction sector, to promote circularity in buildings through financial mechanisms.