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Kick off and focus group in Czechia

By 1 de May de 2022September 29th, 2022No Comments

May 2022 /

In May, the partners forming the Czech External Advisory Board met on the ground of INCIEN. It was the first meeting of the Board, that served as a kick-off and also as a focus group to validate the framework of circular interventions in construction, that is based on 8 key elements of circular economy. 

We informed the members of the Czech External Advisory Board of the BUS-GoCircular project on the results and available content of the project so far. We also organised 3 moderated focus groups, where circular economy strategies in construction were discussed. The meeting was attended by architects, designers, large construction and development companies and other experts. INCIEN and CVUT took active part in the discussions. 

We have learned that the use of construction waste, circular procurement, repairability and modularity are key concepts for the future of the circular economy in construction. Implementation requires economic motivation, legislation that is enabling instead of disabling, and a general understanding and acceptance of circular economics strategies by the professional public and anyone who comes into contact with the commissioning, construction, maintenance or demolition of a building. Education is important in this process, and examples of good practice need to be shown. It is important to educate architects and designers, as well as investors and government who award contracts.