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Learning about waste management and soil contamination in Spain

By 15 de June de 2022September 29th, 2022No Comments

June 2022 /

As part of the BGC mentoring programme, the Spanish partner FEVEC organised a conference to inform about the new Spanish “Law of Waste Management and Contaminated Soils” approved this year to manage construction waste in line with European guidelines. Also, the mentoring was about to solve doubts about its affectation, to present practical cases and to understand the problems that companies involved in the management of construction waste have to face.

The conference was held at the facilities of FEVEC in June 2022 and was attended by 22 participants from different companies in the Valencia region, including public administrations, recycling and waste management companies, construction companies and construction trade unions. It was conducted by the company CoCircular under the guidance of Joan Esteban, experts in the field of sustainable and circular waste management.

The duration of the conference was extended to 2 hours due to several questions and queries from the attendees who showed a great interest in the subject. Mentors and mentees will remain in contact to receive further support in case they implement any of the circular actions outlined by CoCircular in their companies.