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E-Empowering Construction Professionals with Circularity

By 16 de February de 2024No Comments

February 2024 /

Intending to promote a more circular approach within the construction industry, Dutch BUS-GoCircular partner ISSO has developed a series of innovative e-learning modules. These modules aim to inspire and equip individuals with the necessary skills to embrace circularity in the built environment effectively.

Aligned with the Key Elements of the Circular Economy, these modules delve into detailed learning objectives, covering essential aspects such as viewing waste as a resource, leveraging renewable sources, and prolonging the lifespan of materials and products. Moreover, they emphasize the significance of circular skills in digitalisation, value chain collaboration, design thinking, and evolving business models, all tailored to specific professions within the construction sector.

These modules offer flexibility in learning approaches, catering to diverse preferences and needs. In the Ozone platform, ISSO has developed nine self-paced e-learning courses, easily accessible via the BUILD UP Skills Advisor app (available for Android and iOS). This allows individuals to learn at their own pace, promoting autonomy and engagement.

For those seeking a more interactive experience, ISSO has introduced the Gideon Transition Game in collaboration with the 2BeCollective platform. This gamified learning tool aims to engage change teams within the construction sector, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment for skill development. The 2BeCollective platform, renowned for its emphasis on sustainability and community activation, provides an interactive space where participants can exchange ideas, solutions, and best practices. Do you want to take a closer look at the game? Click here.

Interact with your community! Accumulate points and take action with your team, and interact with others by asking questions and participating in polls.

Put your knowledge into practice! After delving into the learning modules, apply the circularity principles to your construction or installation project.

By blending interactive learning with gamification and community involvement, ISSO’s initiative not only addresses the shortage of green skills but also encourages ongoing learning and innovation across the construction sector.