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“TURIA”: a new online environmental assessment tool in Spain

By 9 de February de 2024No Comments

February 2024 /

TURIA is an online environmental assessment tool for building projects that quantifies and assesses the main effects caused by the construction of a building on the environment. With TURIA you get an “Environmental Assessment Report” of your project that includes:

  • Indicators on the Toxicity, Resource Use and Environmental Impact of the construction elements and products.
  • Quantified list of all the materials and products of the project, and the reuse potential of each of them.

TURIA covers phases A1 to A5 of the life cycle of the building elements. Phases A1-A3 refer to manufacturing, phase A4 to transport and phase A5 to commissioning.

TURIA has been created by the IVE (Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación), a Spanish partner of BUS-GoCircular project, and is available in Spanish. For more information watch this video (you can set subtitles in English).