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Market validation of the circular construction skills qualification framework

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May 2023 /

Find out the outcomes from focus group discussions with various stakeholders related to the construction industry, held by partners of the BUS-GoCircular project. The aim of the focus groups was to perform qualitative research on the topics of circular economy in national and EU context and to evaluate market applicability of the circular construction skills qualification framework, developed by the BUS-GoCircular consortium. Download report (click HERE).

Information collected during the national and international workshops have been analysed and compiled here to represent an extract of all shared opinions, and to serve further as a guide for improving the framework and as a starting point for implementation on national scale. Numerous possibilities for optimisation of the framework have been identified through guiding questions, detailed below, and outcomes are encouraging for future advancement. The work conducted so far by the project partners has been recognized as very promising and essential for the introduction of circular skills in the construction industry, in the context of national planning, and has received support by the participants.

The key features of the framework identified are related to its extensive coverage of topics on circularity and practical approach to its structure and organisation around Units of Learning Outcomes (ULOs), which allow flexibility in design for educational and training purposes. This is also where its usefulness has been outlined – as a base for initiating discussions and spreading awareness among stakeholders on circular economy in construction, and as enabling factors for creation of teaching materials and guidelines to support integration of circular practices within the industry and public sector. Several concepts for improvement in this direction have been proposed, regarding better representation of relationships between professions and individual elements described in the framework.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash