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BUS-GoCircular in the Croatian magazine “Korak u prostor”

By 30 de August de 2023No Comments

August 2023 /

A BUS-GoCircular article has been recently published by the Croatian professional magazine “Korak u prostor” on Flooring, Construction Technologies, and Energy Efficiency. The article, written by project partners Martin Breen (TUS University) and Sybren Steensma (Building Changes) is entitled “To implement a circular economy within the construction industry, we need to bridge the widening skills gaps” and is available in Croatian at this link (click here). The full article is also available in English at this link (click here).

The article focuses on the skills approach that we developed in project Bus-GoCircular by describing the circular transition as necessary but complex as it must be aligned with the energy and digital transitions to have the most impact within the construction sector.