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Diving into Circular Construction: Explore Our E-Learning

By 26 de October de 2023No Comments

October 2023 /

Dutch BUS-GoCircular partner ISSO is actively developing e-learning modules designed to encourage individuals in the construction industry to take their first steps towards promoting circularity in the built environment.

In BUS-GoCircular, efforts have been made to define learning objectives for practical implementation of circularity in the built environment. To achieve this, a qualification framework has been established based on the Key Elements of the Circular Economy. This framework includes a set of detailed learning objectives for each Key Element.

These Key Elements and learning objectives serve as a starting point for the development of inspiring and engaging e-learning modules. These modules are being created for the platform known as The 2BCollective, which is a community dedicated to mobilizing large groups of people to think and act sustainably. This interactive platform, employing gamification, focuses not only on knowledge but, importantly, on engagement, skills, and action, making it a progressive tool.

Participants will be guided through the skills associated with the core elements of a circular economy: utilizing waste as a resource, renewable resources, and extending the lifespan of materials and products. Moreover, circular skills related to areas such as digitization, value chain collaboration, design, and business models will also play a central role. Additionally, these skills will be linked to relevant professions.

Play the game in groups on the gamified platform 2BCollective. To sign up, send an email to