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BUS-GoCircular at a Croatian Green Building Council Conference

By 30 de April de 2023August 30th, 2023No Comments

April 2023 /

BUS-GoCircular, represented by Bojan Milovanović from the University of Zagreb, participated in the conference “Achieving Carbon Neutrality Throughout the Building’s Lifecycle”.

This conference addressed the key issue of implementing a life cycle approach in the design and planning of the built environment. The conference highlighted the significance of developing sustainable products and utilizing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as tools to assess the environmental and human health impacts of construction products. Experts in the field of sustainable building certification provided practical insights into how the DGNB sustainability assessment system aligned with EU policies, the Level(s) framework, and the Taxonomy Regulation. During the conference, the importance of reducing embedded carbon in construction products was emphasized, and the potential of low-carbon alternatives was explored. Additionally, the conference provided a practical overview of the tools necessary for conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and how to use the obtained data and results to make informed decisions.

This conference, organised by the Croatian Green Building Council, was held on 4 April and focused on the following topics:

  • What is Carbon Neutrality and How to Achieve It by 2050?
  • EU and National Regulations – Carbon Neutrality of Buildings by 2050
  • Status and Approaches to Achieving Climate Neutrality
  • Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Building Life Cycle Assessment – LCA
  • Life Cycle Modules and Phases
  • Environmental Product Declaration – EPD
  • Indoor Air Quality and Comfort Levels – IAQ
  • Global Warming Potential – GWP
  • Tools for Conducting LCA
  • New Products and Technologies in Construction
  • Alignment of DGNB Criteria with Level(s) Framework Criteria
  • Sustainable Project Financing Opportunities & EU Taxonomy