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A Policy Guidance and training material for public authorities

By 2 de March de 2023No Comments

March 2023 /

Local and regional governments can play a key role in boosting demand for skilled energy efficiency professionals in the construction sector. BUS-GoCircular has developed 2 tools to them to stimulate demand for skills in the circular construction :

  • A Policy Guidance (download HERE): through good practice and replicable examples from Europe and beyond, this document aims to raise awareness among practitioners and policymakers about their ability to promote a more circular construction sector and upskill professionals. It highlights the various levers at their disposal to support this transition;
  • A slide deck training material for public authorities (download HERE): it aims to help public procurers and policymakers better understand how they can stimulate demand for circular construction skills through public procurement. This slide deck can be used as a self-learning tool, with links to other resources to learn more about the topic. It can also be used and adapted as needed to help to raise awareness among your colleagues and partners on how they can promote circular construction skills.

© Photo by Jonas Smith in Unsplash