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Upgraded version of the BUS-app for construction professionals

By 26 de February de 2024No Comments

February 2024 /

The BUILD UP Skills advisor app was developed and launched from the Build Up skills project, which is one of the foundational projects on which we build the BUS-GoCircular project.

So it was only logical that we would “close the loop” and feedback our latest insights and contents we created back into an app that had already found its way into the marketplace.

The advisor app was mainly focused on presenting available training material in a accessible way, handheld way – where you need it, when you need it.

We were able to enrich this advisor app with essential elements from the BUS-GoCircular project: a individual skills gap analysis and a self assessment tool which feed into a customized, personal training proposal showing which training is available to fit your specific training needs. For example, the app links directly to 9 directly available selfpaced e-learnings within the OZONE environment.