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Mentoring Programme Guidance

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November 2022 /

BUS-GoCircular will design a mentoring programme to transfer experience and best practices from experienced professionals to specific groups such as women and young people, as well as less experienced colleagues. Next to the transfer of experience and therefore accelerated learning experience for unexperienced professionals, the mentoring programme has a twofold purpose. On the one hand, it can give an additional sense of purpose to the experienced professionals, increasing professional pride, personal fulfilment and social value for their jobs. On the other hand, it can make the sector more attractive to work in, and as such help attract young talent and address skills shortages.

The mentoring programme will be implemented at country level involving 60 persons (30 mentors and 30 mentees). Consortium partners will identify both groups of mentors and mentees and establish the most suitable matches within every participating country. To establish and facilitate the first connections, BUS-GoCircular provides the mentors and mentees with a guide to a successful mentoring relationship.

The “Mentoring Programme Guidance” can be downloaded HERE.