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Hungarian Students Embrace Circular Economy in Building Construction Mentoring Course

By 14 de June de 2023September 14th, 2023No Comments

June 2023 /

The first mentoring course was completed during the spring in Hungary by an expert of ÉMI Nonprofit Llc. Dr. Anita Terjék (senior researcher at ÉMI and associate professor at BME Budapest University of Technology and Economics) had mentees studying Civil Engineering MSc.

The 5 Hungarian students attended the mentoring course from February to June within the framework of the subject “Building Construction” in Budapest where they gained knowledge on the most relevant topics related to circular economy.

The mentoring course introduced the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency and environmental awareness in architecture, Life-cycle assessment
  • Prefabrication and modular construction, Smart building – case studies
  • Regulatory environment and building conditions, conformity assessment in the construction sector
  • Innovation and circularity in construction, materials and technologies for sustainability

The mentees were satisfied with the course, they aquired useful knowledge in the above mentioned topics. In addition to the appropriate use of building materials, the lectures also focused on usability at the end of the life cycle, highlighting strategies for increasing circularity (9R), environmental awareness, and ecological aspects of construction. The students got acquainted with the LCA methodology, the importance of EPD and the impact of digitization trends in order to improve the efficiency of the sector. An interactive lecture on the basics of the digitalization of the plant construction industry took place with the cooperation of Nethod Kft., where the students could also get to know the chosen software.