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“BdC 2023”: Enhancing budget estimations for circular Construction solutions

By 14 de September de 2023No Comments

September 2023 /

The Valencia Institute of Building (IVE), partner of BUS-GoCircular, publishes every year the database that makes up the Construction Price Bank called “BdC”.

The “BdC” is used in the design phase of the project to estimate the total measurements and budget that the construction/renovation work will cost. The “BdC” is official as it is supported by the regional government (GVA) and its use is mandatory in public tenders in the Valencian region. It is also widely used throughout Spain since it is one of the most renowned and innovative databases at national level.

This new version “BdC 2023” has been influenced by the BUS-GoCircular project, as it incorporates functional units for circular solutions such as bio-based products, wood-based building systems or products with high recycled content. This addition streamlines the budget calculations for construction sites that incorporate circular solutions. It reduces uncertainties for developers looking to invest in innovative and sustainable practices boosting the market demand.