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Available training materials on circularity

By 3 de November de 2022No Comments

November 2022 /

BUS-GoCircular has collected available training materials and methodologies on the topics of:

  • Circular economy, including introductory, background and general course and training materials;
  • Circular construction techniques, including theoretical and applied course and training materials, both on general construction techniques and specifically oriented towards multifunctional green roofs, green facades and interior elements;
  • Digitization needs for implementing circularity;
  • Transversal circular economy skills, including systems thinking and entrepreneurial skills.

As a result, consortium partners led by Circle Economy, have assessed 26 courses against: modality, audience, content, learning outcomes and skills. To provide the depth needed consortium partners have provided examples of learning materials for some of the courses assessed. Based on the review of the collected courses and materials, a decision can be made to obtain further materials from providers or translate the materials collected, to support the design of the trainer course.

The full report assessing available training materials can be downloaded HERE.